Primary Energy Recycling Corporation

About Us

Primary Energy Recycling Primary Energy Recycling Corporation is a Canadian corporation organized under the laws of British Columbia and is traded on the TSX under the symbol PRI. Primary Energy Recycling Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors having an independent majority. Capital Power USA Ventures LLC has been retained by Primary Energy Recycling Corporation to perform its back office functions.

Objective & Business Strategy

Primary Energy Recycling Corporation seeks to maximize shareholder value by delivering valued services to its customers while benefiting the environment. In order to achieve this objective, Primary Energy focuses on enhancing the financial performance of the Projects, extending contracts with existing customers and positioning itself for future growth in recycled energy.

Operating Strategy

Primary Energy Recycling Corporation's strategy is to maintain active involvement over operations and maintenance of the plants, including utilization of contracted suppliers such as the Manager or customer. The company believes its manager has the experience and expertise to achieve higher efficiencies and availability than would likely be achieved by contracting the operations to other third parties. Its operating strategy will better enable it to control maintenance schedules and costs.